Product efficacy

1: do not contain traditional 10 kinds of harmful substances, through no allergy tests, sensitive skin. 

2: moisturizing, moisturizing and cooling effect 

3: latest technology research and development, can be used on wet skin, complete don’t hinder the prevent bask in effect 

4: use more calm makeup the effect after makeup 

5: prevent sweat and oil 

6: fully transparent, refreshing, skin zero burden 

7: spray on the hair/clothes are completely a trace (completely no white dots) 

8: 360 degree free spray

The use of light feeling, not oily and not oily gloss, Dry and refreshing spray has a defense ultraviolet (uv) and is not affected by sweat and sebum, make makeup last longer

How to use

Shake well, after about 20 cm away from the skin around the location of the spray, spray after take a shot with the hand, absorption is good. It is that simple, convenient to carry



Package Include:

 1 x180ml sunscreen cream

Caution:For sensitive Skin,Test on your arm before used.